The Crow’s Nest – 02 – You Lack Discipline!

Gather around the fire once again as Fallen and That_Eriksson bring you the latest news and rumors from the Crowfall universe. What’s our take on the newly revealed winged challenger known as the Fae Assassin? What are our initial impressions of the recently implemented building system? How will disciplines shape the face of PvP? Sit down and have a listen to find out!


The Crow’s Nest – 01 – Welcome Home

Welcome to the Crow’s Nest a new podcast focused on the upcoming ArtCraft Entertainment MMORPG Crowfall. Join Fallen of Bad DPS and That_Eriksson content creator on YouTube for Crowfall. In this, the inaugural episode of the Crow’s Nest the crew talks a bit about how they broke into the gaming world and what got them to settle on Crowfall as their main focus. Enjoy as we go over games of the past and the influence they had on us and Crowfall. We cover what we think Crowfall has going for it and the features that excite us the most. Closing with things that concern us and what Crowfall needs to do to approach this new era of gamers where instant gratification and quick games are bringing in the revenue. Hope, you enjoy it and stay tuned for more.